The RHA has most influence over government say lorry drivers

15th May 2018

Truckers say the Road Haulage Association has the most influence over government, a survey by FairFuelUK has found.

The campaign group asked road users to say who they thought had the most impact on government in terms of influencing policy and winning positive change for the industry. Thirty-five percent of the 2,509 lorry drivers who responded voted the RHA as the best from a list of twenty trade bodies, campaigners, media outlets and political parties.

“It’s tremendously encouraging to know that so many hauliers recognise the work we do – representing the industry and getting the best deal for the sector which keeps the economy moving,” said RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett.

“It’s vital that we get our voice heard in government as we lobby for progress on issues vital to our industry, for example, on post-Brexit trade terms, clean air zones and the driver shortage.”

But it’s not just truckers who see the RHA as influential – motorists, bikers and cyclists think the same as the RHA polled the fifth highest number of votes overall – the most for any of the trade bodies represented in the survey.

Concluding, Richard Burnett said: “Our campaign issues are relevant to everyone – whether it’s potholes or the price of fuel – and it’s great to know that other road users recognise that.”



The survey asked: “Who has the most impact on Govt – Choose top 3”:

RHA polled 901 votes from 2,509 truckers’ responding (35.9%) – rank 1 out of 20.

RHA polled 2,334 votes overall from 15,708 responding (14.9%) – rank 5 out 20.

Other road users groups voted for RHA as follows:
Motorists: 890 votes from 9113 responding (9.8%) – rank 10 out of 20.
Van drivers: 478 votes from 3213 responding (14.9%) – rank 5 out of 20.
Motorbikers: 33 votes from 475 responding (6.9%) – rank 9 out of 20.
Bicyclists: 32 votes from 398 responding (8.0%) – rank 12 out of 20.

FFUK Supporters came out top in the overall survey with 5,107 votes from 15,708 responding (32.5%).

Survey choices (20):
FFUK Supporters
Client Earth/Environment Groups/Greens
Sadiq Khan
The Sun
Conservative MPs
Daily Mail
Other Newspapers/Media
Labour MPs
RAC Foundation
Other Orgs
Other Party MPs
Lib Dem MPs

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