Gove agrees to meet with RHA to discuss customs and border concerns

9th September 2020

Within a week of RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett making an urgent request to Michael Gove MP in his capacity as Minister for the Cabinet Office, the Association has received a reply from Mr Gove’s office confirming that he will arrange a roundtable discussion between industry representatives and members of the Cabinet Office.

In the letter sent last Wednesday Richard Burnett raised long-standing industry concerns about new customs IT systems, border infrastructure and a lack of movement on recruiting and training the 50,000 new customs agents which firms will need to manage extra red tape next year.

He said: “I’m greatly encouraged that Mr Gove has responded so quickly. Like us, he is obviously concerned about the Government’s post-transition plans for hauliers.

“With only 81 working days left until the transition period ends we have to make sure that we can achieve a solution that works for everyone.”

In his reply, Mr Gove said: “I agree that a further roundtable would be useful and have asked my office to arrange such a meeting.

“My officials will work closely with you to ensure we have a specific list of industry proposals to discuss under each of the headings you’ve suggested.”

Earlier today, Richard Burnett gave evidence to the Brexit Select Committee on the operation of the UK-EU border after the transition period.



Notes for Editors

Letter to Michael Gove MP – Dated 2 September

Response from Michael Gove MP – Dated 8 September 2020