RHA Messenger 12 October

11th October 2016

Haulage costs set to rise

Road haulage costs are likely to increase as a result of currency movements since the EU referendum, the RHA is warning. Diesel costs are already 3 pence a litre higher than they would have been had the currency remained unchanged (this excludes the oil/supply increases) and truck manufacturers are warning of a sharp increase in vehicle prices next year if sterling remains low.

Manufacturers are also reporting that some customers have deferred purchasing decisions following the vote. Comment: j.semple@rha.uk.net


French send in the army

The French army has been deployed in the Calais area to tackle the threat posed by migrants seeking to get to the UK. The RHA was the first to propose using the army – more than a year ago - as it was clear that the police were unable to ensure order on their own.

The RHA recognises the very challenging wider issues of what is a complex problem but has constantly highlighted to need to protect drivers and their vehicles. We continue to work with UKBF Intelligence, and to engage with colleagues on the continent to get their support.


Heavy pallet deliveries

The RHA has started work with the Health and Safety Executive to develop a regime of safe working procedures, training and risk assessment for the delivery of heavy pallets by tail-lift. The issue has been raised as a concern by a number of members. The work is being led by head of technical Ray Engley - you can contact him at r.engley@rha.uk.net


RHA meets new transport secretary

The RHA met new transport secretary Chris Grayling this week, covering issues from Brexit to roads. We stressed the need for hauliers to be able to continue to employ foreign workers (while at the same time the RHA is committed to promoting recruitment of UK residents) and we stressed the importance of the government confirming the new apprenticeships funding for April 2017.

This is part of a series of meetings with government ministers and officials at the DfT and other departments.


Bogus tax status raised in Commons

The RHA’s concerns over  employed lorry drivers breaching HMRC tax rules by wrongly claiming self-employed has been raised in Parliament by Rob Flello, MP for Stoke South. A reply is expected later this month.

In September, HMRC told the RHA Compliance Conference that it would write to the traffic commissioners on the subject.


Truck safety stats

HGVs have fewer killed-or-serious-injury accidents (KSIs) than the national average for all vehicles and have greatly improved their safety performance, new statistics from the Department for Transport show.

HGVs were involved in 78 KSIs/billion miles 2015. This compares with: 117 KSIs per billion miles for all vehicles, 50% higher; and 118KSIs/billion miles for HGVs in 2004, showing a one-third improvement in HGV involvement in KSIs.

Trucks do a high proportion of mileage on motorways, the safest of the UK’s roads.

Full statistics can be viewed here


London ULEZ proposals

London mayor Sadiq Khan has set out proposals to accelerate and widen the introduction of the ultra-low emission zone in London. It will cover a wider area and come into force in 2019, a year earlier than agreed by Boris Johnson.

The RHA will be responding in detail. We recognise the thinking behind widening the zone but strongly oppose bringing forward introduction of the measure, which goes against Khan’s position of being pro-business and understanding of business for little environmental benefit.

The full Mayor of London press release on the topic can be found here.