RHA Messenger 17 May

17th May 2017

TC tackles driver employment status

A haulage firm faces action against its licence unless it can prove that its drivers, which were paid as self-employed, were properly taxed. 

Traffic commissioner Kevin Rooney's decision at Public Inquiry is something of a landmark and is the subject of a press release from the Office of the Traffic Commissioners: HERE 


RHA pushes for better overnight allowance rule

The RHA is in intensive communication with HMRC over the requirement to checks receipts, and the evidence required. 

We now believe it is possible that one receipt for a meal at £5 may be acceptable as proof expenditure, despite earlier notes from HMRC and what is in the website gov.uk.  We are seeking clarification. 

We are also pressing hard for the new rule to be dropped and replaced with something more practical, which we believe can be done. We are confident that the issue will be resolved, one way or another, soon after the general election and at any rate by the end of June. 

Meanwhile, financial secretary Jane Ellison had agreed to pragmatic enforcement. We find it hard to believe that employers would be at risk if their drivers were able to show a receipt for £5 until we get resolution on the issues we have raised.


RHA publishes revealing paper on air quality

The RHA has published an air quality paper, which highlights the rapid reduction in NOx output from HGVs since 2013. HERE.


Kent lorry holding area review for Operation Stack delayed 

The judicial review into the planned new lorry holding area for more than 3,000 HGVs has been put back until October.


Volvo unveils automated waste collection vehicle

Volvo unveiled an automated waste collection vehicle in London this week. The reversing truck, which is a research prototype, followed the driver back down the street, allowing him to load bins without getting in and out of the cab. 


Beverley Bell floats idea of higher fees

Traffic commissioners have been financially under-resourced for many years and the industry would happily pay a little bit more for a better service, senior TC Beverley Bell said today.

Bell was addressing more than 1,000 people at the Microlise Transport Conference in what is her last major engagement before retiring.

The RHA has said the value for money is more important than cost.

LATE NEWS: Senior traffic commissioner Beverley Bell told the Microlise Transport Conference this afternoon that 'operators should not be pretending drivers are self-employed when they are not'.