RHA Messenger 02 August

2nd August 2017

Overnight allowances – New Guidance on the way

The RHA has a first draft of new guidance for employers on the overnight allowance. This will be progressed with HMRC in the coming weeks, with the aim of having the guidance agreed and issued by the end of August. The RHA will ensure that the guidance contains answers to the key questions members will have when deciding to seek an agreement with HMRC.

Our aim is to ensure that members are able to use the system devised by HMRC with the minimum stress and uncertainty.


EU Staff – the Home Office launches post Brexit migration study

Members will have noted that the Home Office has launched a study the "economic and social costs and benefits of EU migration to the UK economy". The RHA will ensure that the views of our sector are well represented.

To date our line has been that the UK haulage sector, like many other sectors, needs an immigration system based on industry need, not on wage levels. Any system should allow lorry drivers and other qualified staff to be recruited and retained from outside the UK.

Evidence will become important to us – information on numbers of EU drivers and other staff in your organisations will probably be needed as we progress. When the requirements of the Migration Advisory Committee becomes clearer we will ask you for further information.

In the meantime, members with views and suggestions should email Brexit@rha.uk.net , please title your messages Migration Study views and evidence.


Driver in prison for Tacho Fraud

As part of a wider campaign, 26 non-UK drivers have been arrested in the past five months by Nottinghamshire Police working with DVSA.

This includes an HGV driver who was last week sentenced to four months prison for driving a vehicle with a device that turned off tachograph equipment. The driver was stopped during a routine check when it was discovered the vehicle which had a pedal to turn off the tacho.


Germany – UK Trailer “Registration” – Certificate of Keeper Changes

International hauliers have, for some years, experienced problems in Germany, and elsewhere, when their UK trailers have been towed by foreign subcontracted traction.   This is because UK trailers do not have their own registration documents.

Lengthy discussions between with the German authorities and the UK DfT have resulted with the following accepted procedure being put into place.     

From mid August changes will be made to the “Certificate of Keeper” documentation.  Whilst applying for a Certificate of Keeper has been voluntary, and remains so, having this documentation will alleviate the delays and penalties imposed if vehicles are stopped and checked.

The new format certificate, along with a ‘Show Plate’ displaying the trailer’s UK ministry number will be accepted by the German authorities.

Further information is available from the international department.  h.wallace@rha.uk.net

We will alert you when applications for the new certificate can be made.


Truck Cartel Claim -Do You Qualify?

The RHA is acting on behalf of hauliers who bought or leased HGVs since 1997 to pursue a claim and obtain compensation from the truck manufacturers involved in the Truck Cartel. The claim is on behalf of RHA members and non-members alike, thereby protecting the industry’s interests.

If you think you qualify, go to www.truckcartellegalaction.com and sign up now.  Your compensation, if applicable, won’t appear overnight – it could take a couple of years.  But there’s nothing to lose. In fact, depending on the number of trucks you register, you may be in a position of considerable financial gain. The ballpark estimate for compensation is around £6,000 per vehicle depending on the truck size.

The RHA is taking this action on behalf of all hauliers; not just members of the RHA. So if you know of anyone who is not an RHA member but would still qualify for compensation, please pass on this information.


Spreading the Word

After some fantastic She’s RHA events held in June, there are a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. She’s RHA is working on creating a Steering Group made up of members from around the UK and Ireland, keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks.

With National Lorry Week on the horizon in September, it is again a great opportunity to rise awareness of our industry and of She’s. Visit www.lovethelorry.co.uk to find out more and to get involved. 

In June She’s RHA launched ‘Spreading the Word’ which gives people in the industry the tools to go out and promote She’s RHA to their local communities. Find out more here.  

And finally, we’re going to be launching our She’s RHA monthly newsletter later this month with updates on upcoming events, case studies of women in the industry and more information the Steering Group. To make sure you stay up to date, please add yourself to our mailing list by emailing shesrha@rha.uk.net