RHA Messenger 05 September

5th September 2017

Brexit – Customs Clearances will be needed

The UK Government made two proposals for customs after Brexit – one was for a new type of customs control where goods would have to be tracked after they enter the UK so EU bound freight could be accounted for. This proposal has now been shelved.

This means that customs declarations of some sort will be required for goods entering the UK from the EU and vice versa. The Government has said it is now working on ensuring that the processes for this are as business friendly as possible.

The RHA believes a transition period will be needed to put in place processes to keep goods moving without delay. We are in regular discussion with HMRC and Treasury on this issue..


Parking – bag and bin litter

Parking for HGV’s is an ongoing problem. RHA is pushing for more lay by parking, better cleaning of laybys and for more secure parking for the longer rests.

Laybys are being closed and residents where lorries habitually park in public places can suffer serious problems with litter. Litter comes from many sources, not always lorries as sometimes claimed, and highways have been known to fail in their duty to maintain laybys and other places. However, with the sector under pressure over parking we would encourage all road users to be good neighbours and to bag and bin litter to help minimise the problem.


Fuel Prices - Increasing

We are seeing increases in fuel costs on the sector. The RHA monthly fuel price survey (available to members here) show a diesel price increase of 2.15% in August.

Members should note that we will be publishing the annual haulage cost movement survey online on 2nd October. We will send a copy to members who wish to complete offline – please contact Nick Deal n.deal@rha.uk.net for details.


Lane rental consultation

The Government has announced a consultation about charging utility companies for digging up roads during infrastructure work. The idea is to incentivise the utility companies to minimise the time taken for closing lanes on busy roads so that congestion is minimised.

The Government claims that 2.5 million roadworks cost the economy £4billion per year through delays. The consultation is available here.