RHA Messenger 20 September

20th September 2017

Overnight Allowances – HMRC Guidance Here

The HMRC have provided guidance on the application of overnight allowances for lorry drivers. The original guidance is in the form of web pages.

The original HMRC web page from the employment income manual is available here.


Weekend Rest Parking Restrictions

DVSA have announced that from the 1st November they will start issuing fines to drivers if they are caught spending “their full weekly rest break in their vehicle in places where it causes a problem”.

The RHA has checked – there will be no enforcement retrospectively – so no proof over where rest has been taken after the event will be needed. There will be no restriction about taking rests in lorry parks or Motorway Service Areas. DVSA intend to target rests taken on public roads and in lay-bys. Members should be aware that in areas of very high demand – Kent and other places of parking shortage, that weekend rests will become more difficult to organise.


Roadworthiness Testing for some tractors – Not enough

DfT have announced that some fast tractors will require roadworthiness testing. The RHA supports this- as far as it goes. Ideally we would like to see these vehicles banned from moving freight on public roads entirely as their design is not equivalent to well designed lorries for that task.

Most tractors will be exempt (those working exclusively in agriculture, forestry or within 15 miles of the vehicles base). We do not believe that the frequency, 4 years for the first test then every 2 years is justified. It looks very odd for a heavy vehicle like these to be tested so infrequently when a 50cc moped is required to be tested every year after 3 years. There needs to be clarification on the testing cycle for the trailers too - we suspect this should be annual from new.

The RHA does not believe there is a safety case to exclude agricultural or forestry vehicles from roadworthiness testing. These are used on the road to move freight and these vehicles should be checked regularly to ensure they are safe. More information on the Government proposal is available here.

The Government is not certain in its publication that vehicles subject to roadworthiness testing will definitely be subject O-licensing.

Laybys are being closed and residents where lorries habitually park in public places can suffer serious problems with

Migrants in Spain

Whilst perhaps not news to some, we can confirm that the number of migrant trying to access the UK is increasing in Spain. Members have noted the erection of more tents in the Bilbao area.

The Spain border control officers do make checks at the ports, vehicles will be searched on arrival in Portsmouth and Plymouth, which can cause some delays with offloading the ferries.