Roadwayupdate 07 February

7th February 2018

DVSA fine for previous offences

The RHA supports DVSA’s action on drivers’ hours compliance but is concerned about the lack of legal rest areas for drivers to park.

From Monday 5 March, DVSA traffic examiners will start issuing on-the-spot fines for drivers’ hours offences committed in the previous 28 days.  

They’ll be able to issue fines for five offences in a single check. With fines of up to £300 for each offence a driver could be liable for £1,500 in a single stop whether the offences were committed in the UK or abroad. DVSA will also have the option to immobilise the vehicle.

Whilst the RHA support action against firms who deliberately flout drivers’ hours rules, we also call on the Government to address the urgent need for more lorry parking areas so that drivers have somewhere secure to rest.


ULEZ: London Mayor Consultation 

The London Mayor is consulting on changes to the Ultra Low Emission Zone. This will dramatically change which lorries will be allowed into London without penalty. The RHA will be responding. For those who wish to respond with their thoughts to us, or would like to respond directly, we have produced this summary of the questions and issues, available here.


Brexit Land Transport Agreement

Last week at a conference in Warsaw, the RHA promoted post Brexit solutions for the road haulage sector. The conference was attended by representatives of the UK Government, the European Commission, MEP’s, trade bodies and Polish operators. Key points raised were for the need for recognition of UK CPC qualifications post Brexit and the mutual benefit of a land transport agreement. Permit schemes for international road haulage were discussed and seen as a poor solution to control access for international road haulage.


DfT Road Investment Strategy

The Department for Transport Road Investment Strategy 2 closes today. The RHA Consultation response includes a long list of roads that need improvement, members have identified problem areas of congestion and identified specific roads and locations.

The RHA has called for improved congestion free traffic flow and consistent journey times, and improved road surfaces that are free of potholes.

We have also asked for better Variable Matrix Signage about delays and real time information about delays, diversions and night closures. Where night closures take place more advanced notice and signage off the SRN, and also better access to and from the SRN onto local roads.

Our response draws attention to the chronic and severe lack of proper overnight parking facilities and the lack of lay bys which are essential for road safety and to enable drivers to take 45 minute rest breaks.


Energy Saving Trust support for SME operators

With funding provided by the Department for Transport, the Energy Saving Trust is now able to support a number of freight operators to reduce their operating costs and improve their profitability whilst reducing emissions.

The Energy Saving Trust has a long track record of supporting fleet operators using cars and vans through consultancy services. Its expertise helps improve fleet operations, reduce costs and improve environmental performance. The measures we recommend vary widely but typically include fuel and mileage management, vehicle choice, technology solutions and driver behaviour.

If you interested in taking up the offer of free consultancy or want further information please contact EST at


Has DVSA cancelled your test?

RHA Chief Executive Richard Burnett and Rod McKenzie, RHA Director of Policy and Public Affairs, recently met with the DVSA Chief Executive.

Amongst topics discussed with Gareth Llewellyn was the problem of DVSA testers being available to test at Authorised Test Facilities and tests being cancelled due to a shortage of testers.

The problem is particularly acute in the south east. The RHA has been in dialogue with the Authorised Test Facility Operators Association (ATF OA) who have experienced similar problems and who have also met Gareth Llewellyn.

The RHA now needs to evidence test cancellations. DVSA consider that in 2018 DVSA have cancelled four tests and the haulage industry have cancelled one hundred and ninety six tests. Is this true?

If you have had a test cancelled, the RHA needs to hear from you. We are collating cancellations with a view to further meetings but need evidence to support our findings. The RHA also has a single point of contact to establish what happened and the reason for a test cancellation.

If you have a test cancelled, please email Tom Cotton on with details of the cancelled test. The email must contain the following information; date, time, address of the ATF and the vehicle registration mark. Email this data as soon as possible after the cancellation.

The ATF OA are conducting a similar survey to obtain evidence.