RoadwayUpdate 6 February

6th February 2019

International permits – Brexit no deal

Transport Minister, Jesse Norman outlined plans for international road haulage permits in the event of a Brexit no deal.

On 5 February the Government unilaterally granted EU operators access for international freight movements to, from and through the UK. 

The expectations, based on current EU Commission proposals, is that the EU will allow the same access for UK road haulage operators. If these proposals go ahead it will significantly reduce the need to use ECMT permits under a no deal. The Commission will decide the finer details in the coming weeks. 

The allocation of ECMT permits will be phased so operators won’t have to pay for them until the Commission’s reciprocal arrangements are known.

Cabotage is still an open issue. The Government said it may curtail the right of cabotage for EU hauliers.


Roadworthiness test exemptions to end

Some specialist lorries previously exempt from annual roadworthiness tests, will now require testing by 20 May 2019. 

The vehicles needing to be tested are those based on an HGV chassis, including: 

– Mobile cranes

– Breakdown vehicles (not breakdown vans)

– Some mobile engineering plant

– Road construction vehicles (not road rollers)

– Electrically propelled motor vehicles first registered since 1 March 2015

The full list can be found on RoadwayLive.


Brexit Customs – more to come

The Government released details on future customs arrangements this week.

The RHA has looked at the information and found it to be lacking. There are major gaps that will need filling in coming weeks if there’s no deal. 

But, it does represent a leap forward when compared to the complete absence of information previously available.

The new documents look at import procedures following a no-deal Brexit and how goods will be moved through roll on roll off ports or the Channel Tunnel. Traders and hauliers dealing with EU road haulage need to read these documents. 

Traders will also need to ensure they have access to a customs agent to handle customs declarations.


Banned operators and transport managers still working

Traffic commissioners are urging firms to be vigilant against disqualified operators and transport managers who continue operating despite their bans.

They describe how some rogue operators ignore bans by creating 'front' companies to operate illegally through other people.

Don’t be caught out – if you have concerns you can check traffic commissioners’ decisions on their website.


Trailer registration – not just for Brexit

There’s still no launch date for the long-awaited trailer registration process.

Commercial hauliers operating in the EU will have to be registered by 28 March, whatever Brexit's outcome.

Department for Transport has advised that a test of the fee-paying version of the registration system is available for limited number of operators.

You can join this service by emailing the DVLA. 


A day in the life - RHA area manager

Ever wondered what the RHA’s area managers get up to day to day?

Will Salkeld, who looks after the Midlands and South Wales, has opened a door into his every day. 

You can watch the full video below.