RoadwayUpdate 27 March

27th March 2019

International Trailers - Registration Deadline TOMORROW (28 March)

All UK trailers working internationally (except Ireland) need to be registered from 28 March 2019, regardless of where we are with Brexit.

The process is going well but we understand there’s been some issues getting a plate made up to the required specification (correct plate size/colour).

Register now if you haven’t already; fines are likely if you’re caught operating without registration. We’re aware of enforcement activity in Belgium relating to UK trailers already as some officers tried to enforce in advance of the new rules.


Ferry Safety – Driver Reminder

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has asked us to remind operators that drivers must not remain with their vehicles on ro-ro ferry services when instructed.

Many drivers ignore these instructions putting themselves in great danger if there’s a fire or rough weather.


Brexit – M20 Prepared

Infrastructure to manage M20 lorry queues in the event of no-deal Brexit (now 12 April) is in place.

There’s a speed-limited contraflow in place for all non-port/tunnel traffic and lorry traffic moving to cross the Channel is separated at junction 8, coastbound.

The infrastructure will be used on a “free-flowing” basis until further notice, but if there is Channel disruption before Brexit flows of lorries will be controlled.

It’s even possible that if queues fill the M20 trucks could be stacked at Manston Airport and the M26.

We remain critical of parts of the plan – the welfare of drivers has not been taken into account: food and water facilities and areas to rest or use the toilet have not been put in place.


Are Your Customers Ready for a ‘No-deal’ Brexit?

Many traders have not prepared for a no-deal Brexit and may find that moving goods between the UK and EU by road will be almost impossible.

Importers and exporters (UK and EU) will be responsible for ensuring customs processes are followed and need to ensure they’re able to make the required customs declarations.

Government advice is still confusion and incomplete so please make sure your customers with no customs experience at least do the following three things:

Apply for an EORI number (it is easy and free);
Then register for Transitional Simplified Procedures;

Arrange for an agent to undertake customs formalities (difficult but essential)

These steps in themselves aren’t enough but they are essential for lorries cross to the border if there’s ‘no-deal’.


Drivers’ Hours Enforcement

A year ago, DVSA were given new powers to enforce against ‘historical’ (28 days) drivers’ hours offences

DVSA says it’s helped them take tougher action against drivers abusing the rules. Here’s how.

It takes less than a minute to complete and you can find it online.