RoadwayUpdate 14 August

14th August 2019

RHA boss welcomes new Transport Secretary

RHA Chief Executive Richard Burnett has welcomed a “totally different, pro-active” approach from the new Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

The two met at the Department for Transport in London for the first time since Mr Shapps replaced Chris Grayling. During a very productive, hour-long meeting, issues from driver shortages to Brexit were discussed. 

Following the meeting, Richard Burnett said: "This has a totally different feel in terms of the Government listening to the haulage and logistics sector and I'm really looking forward to working with the new Secretary of State."

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RHA challenges comments from channel port head

The Association has challenged comments made by the president of Port Boulogne Calais, about the UK’s warnings of post-Brexit chaos between Dover and Calais.

"He says that the British authorities are Brexit ready," said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett. "From the meetings, we have had it is clear that they are not."

He continued: “If everybody turns up in Calais with the right documents there will be no problems but today with only 80 days until we leave the EU, we still cannot establish what is needed and what qualifies as ‘lorry ready’. It’s an information abyss.”

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RHA responds to Bristol's CAZ proposal

The RHA has released its response to Bristol City Council's consultation on two proposed Clean Air Zone options.

The Association is concerned about the imposition of Clean Air Zones in the way demanded by the Central Government and implemented in cities such as Bristol.

In simple terms, the RHA believes the blanket charging of all pre-Euro VI lorries £100 per day to enter a Clean Air Zone maximises negative impacts for businesses, especially SME businesses, and often will not do the best for air quality.

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Government must act to avoid endangering hauliers at Dover

Duncan Buchanan, RHA policy director for England and Wales, has warned that lorry drivers could be stuck in queues at the Port of Dover for 48 hours, without access to food, water, toilets or showers.

This crisis could quickly affect international hauliers in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and the industry has little faith in the scant information which has been provided so far.

"I think people underestimate the scale of the complexity of it," Duncan said. "I believe the reasonable best-case scenario that authorities are working on is between 24- and 48-hour delays on all vehicles. All vehicles, all lorries going through the port."

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Banning mobile phone use in vehicles needs careful consideration

The Commons Transport Select Committee is recommending to Government that they develop proposals to ban all use of hands-free mobile phones for conversations while driving. The RHA has expressed concerned about these proposals. 

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said: “For years we have condemned the use of hand-held devices but for truckers, it is essential that they are able to be contacted and can make contact with their base or their customers.

Rod McKenzie, managing director of policy and public affairs, spoken out on BBC News about the proposals.

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