RoadwayUpdate 9 October

9th October 2019

RHA's AtoBrexit

The RHA has launched a nationwide programme to help businesses understand the potential impact of a 'no-deal' Brexit. Attendees will get practical support to help minimise the immediate impact of leaving the EU without a deal.

The programme will include 66 free seminars across 22 locations. Weekly webinars will also be held with the latest information available 24-7 on popular video hosting platforms. Alongside this, a dedicated helpline has been set up to provide support.

In the event of a no deal brexit, if you're heading over to mainland europe make sure you head over the AtoBrexit website first. 


‘No-deal' truck tariffs will bite hard

Any tariff on new trucks in the event of a ‘no-deal' Brexit will have a damaging effect on the industry.

The Government has announced that it's cutting the planned 22% tariff to 16% – not 10% as previously reported.

The RHA points out that it is effectively an increase on the price of new trucks by 16% in real terms – at a time when hauliers can ill-afford an increase in their costs.

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Speaking live on Sky News, Duncan Buchanan pointed out that charging consumers more for buying a new lorry was a ‘completely incoherent policy’ when other government policies are forcing haulage firms to buy new lorries.


RHA annual costs survey open

The RHA annual survey of the costs associated with operating HGVs is now open.

Members are encouraged to participate to ensure the report accurately reflects the current situation in the industry.

The Haulage Cost Movement Report that follows is a valuable tool which measures industry average changes and can be used to help with any negotiation towards haulage rates.

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Updated driver walkaround guidance

DVSA has revised their driver walkaround guidance.

The updates cover bridge strikes and reporting in-service defects. The online guidance is now easier to understand for both PSV and HGV drivers.

There's a new video to share with your drivers to help them get their walkaround checks right.


ULEZ threatens small businesses

Small haulage firms are being bled by London's £100 daily ULEZ charge, while the £100,000 cost of upgrading a lorry hangs over their heads.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is planning to extend the ULEZ to include the area within the north and south circular roads in 2021. All non-Euro VI HGV's must pay a daily charge for entering the zone.

Rod McKenzie, RHA Managing Director, expressed the association's concerns that small businesses will be crushed under the weight of ULEZ penalties, and expanding the zone will only cripple more businesses.

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Firm hit with revocation

A waste operator has had its licence taken away by the West Midlands Traffic Commissioner, Nick Denton.

After one of the firm's vehicles was stopped at the roadside, an alarming discovery was made. The driver of the vehicle didn't hold the required C category licence or a driver CPC. 

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