RoadwayUpdate 27 November

27th November 2019

General Election Manifesto

The RHA represents 7,500 businesses including owner-operators, SME's includes some of the largest companies in the sector.

Even though we all depend on the effective movement of goods, the need to move freight (across all modes) is often marginalised and treated as an afterthought or as a "problem" by policymakers.

Moving goods has been, and will remain, essential for the people and businesses of the UK.

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Rod McKenzie, RHA managing director of policy and public affairs, has also put the manifestos of some of the main political parties under the microscope. 

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Maurice Robinson pleads guilty

Maurice Robinson, a lorry driver accused over the deaths of 39 migrants, has pleaded guilty to plotting to assist illegal immigration.

He admitted conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration between 1 May 2018 and 24 October 2019.

The charge states that he plotted with others to do “an act or series of acts which facilitated the commission of a breach of immigration law by various persons”.

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Rod Mckenzie, RHA managing director of policy and public affairs, penned a piece for RoadwayLive, urging a collective approach to tackling people smuggling. 

John Martin, the RHA’s policy manager for Northern Ireland, spoke out about the insufficient security measures at ports in Europe.

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Cullimore calls on MPs to tackle lorry parking crisis

Working conditions for hauliers in the UK are unacceptable, and this is damaging our industry in a number of ways.

The lack of clean, safe, accessible and affordable rest stops and overnight parking facilities for hauliers in the UK is a real crisis and one which must be addressed quickly.

RHA board member, Moreton Cullimore, spoke out about this issue.

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New RHA leasing and rental service

This week saw the launch of the RHAs Leasing and Rental service. Run in association with Allied Asset Management, this new service is exclusive for RHA members. 

Members will be able to access a wide range of vehicles, for lease or rent at competitive rates. 

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Kent’s fuel theft hot spots

Kent Police has seen a rise of thefts of diesel from lorries with at least 15 thefts in East Kent in the past 6 weeks.

In almost every case the area where the theft took place is an out of town location on unlit roads and, in all but three cases, on the main route to or from the Port of Dover and Port of Ramsgate.

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Logistics forum held for hauliers

As part of National Road Safety Week, Warwickshire Police HQ saw Warks Police and Highways England host an educational logistics forum attended by local and national hauliers, as well as key local contractors.

The forum entitled ‘Future Roads’ discussed how together Police, Highways England, hauliers and partner agencies such as the Environment Agency and the Road Haulage Association can work together to ensure safe, effective road transport in the Midlands.

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