RoadwayUpdate 4 December

4th December 2019

Leeds CAZ funding

Leeds City Council has confirmed the criteria hauliers need to meet for clean air upgrade funding.

They’ll have to provide evidence as to where vehicles are based, emissions standards and regularity of visits to the City’s clean air zone.

RoadwayLive has broken down the application process and has made two important conclusions:

  1. For those based outside the Zone, the number of days entering with a specific lorry is the most critical factor
  2. For those based outside the Zone and can’t prove a lorry enters at least twice per week, it’s impossible to get funding.

Get the full breakdown and analysis of the scheme on RoadwayLive. 


France’s nationwide strike

Tomorrow’s planned walkouts in France (5 December) could be the largest seen in years.

Lorry drivers have announced their intention to block major French roads from 7 December. Issues are expected around the Franco/Belgian border.

Workers across port, rail and other transport sectors are striking, meaning a potentially compounded impact to the supply chain.

Let the RHA know via Twitter if you’re affected. 


Rogue operators must be tackled

The backlog of public inquiries into potential rogue operators in Northern Ireland must be tackled.

This was what John Martin, the RHA’s policy manager for NI, told BBC Radio this week.

John told the BBC’s Good Morning Ulster program that the industry is hugely frustrated.

From my understanding, there is a considerable backlog of all public inquiries in association with heavy goods vehicle licences.

“If there’s a public inquiry outstanding in relation to an operator who’s been detected for committing serious infringements, they may not be held to account and may be allowed to continue to operate, therefore undermining and undercutting legitimate operators.”

Read the full story on RoadwayLive.


Haulage key to thriving London

Chris Ashley, RHA spokesman on the environment and planning, told London’s transport chiefs that road haulage must be at the centre of their plans as the capital expands.

With London’s population expected to grow by another two-million people over the next 20 years, the city’s roads and infrastructure will be pushed to the limit as the demand for goods increases.

He said: “Our great capital city is thriving but that leads to huge demands placed on its crowded streets. When 90 percent of London’s freight is transported by road, important issues such as shared road space, modal shift and use of alternative fuels will become increasingly prominent.”

Get the full story on RoadwayLive.


Is Labour’s rail policy anti-road?

Labour has announced they plan to slash regulated rail fares in England by a third from next month – if they win the General Election.

Writing for RoadwayLive Rod McKenzie, RHA managing director of policy & public affairs, outlines an issue with this proposal.

The RHA is politically neutral as an organisation, but there is a detail connected to the announcement that we find profoundly worrying for the logistics sector. 

The money to pay for this giveaway – which Labour says would save the average commuter £1k a year – comes from other budgets in the Transport department -  potentially impacting road investment road.

Read Rod’s full piece on RoadwayLive.


Rotherhithe Tunnel fines in place

From this week drivers of prohibited vehicles could receive a fine for each journey through Rotherhithe Tunnel. Those not complying could be fined up to £130.

This is due to a number of restrictions in place to ensure the safety of people in the tunnel.

Vehicles more than two metres (6’6″) wide, two metres high, or goods vehicles that weigh more than two tonnes (maximum gross weight) are not permitted. 

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