Lock, Immobilise, Protect

9th November 2017

Christmas is coming and with it, truck operators’ thoughts should be turning to increasing security for their drivers, vehicles and loads.

Here’s how to reduce the chances of your trucks being used as weapons.

The ‘normal’ seasonal threats to load security still remain. Opportunistic thieves will slash curtains on the off-chance of rich pickings, often causing damage exceeding the financial value of anything that they take.

Fitting armoured curtains is an obvious but expensive remedy, but encouraging drivers to use common sense when choosing parking positions is one of the cheapest and most effective.

Trucks parked side-by-side all facing in the same direction appear easier to rob than those which are parked side-by-side in alternate directions, for example.

Systems for tracking stolen vehicles have been available for decades, and have become increasingly sophisticated in that time.

British manufacture Scorpion, which supplies security systems to many famous names in the automotive industry including DAF Trucks, offers a Thatcham Category 6 tracker, which will discretely notify Scorpion’s control centre of a possible theft if the vehicle it is fitted to is subject to an unauthorised movement.

Manchester telematics company Crystal Ball offers a remote immobilisation facility that can be triggered by an authorised person via any internet-enabled PC or smart device.

However, the single most important step is to encourage drivers to trust their instincts, and for employers to support them in this.