Have You Nominated Your Hero/Heroes Yet?

28th July 2020

#HGVHeroes we hope you have seen the campaign all over social media and we trust you have nominated your hero/heroes?

We are in week 5 of an 8 week campaign to raise awareness of all the hard work that our HGV Heroes do day in day to ensure that everything we need; consumables, food and the all-important medical supplies arrive, where and when they’re required.

We find it amazing when nominees tell us “We’re not heroes, we are just doing our jobs”. Well yes, you may have ‘just’ been doing your job, but we thank you for doing it during a very challenging time. Your jobs have been made even more difficult because of a lack of the most basic things such as toilet or shower facilities or even a hot meal.

We also know that many drivers have not returned home because of a family member who is shielding.


Some people have had concerns that this is taking the RHA’s attention and resources away from our focus on working to improve facilities for drivers. However, the truth is, that this is something that the RHA does each and every day.


As everyone knows, change doesn’t happen overnight.


But we are making progress and bringing about change. And we will continue to drive this forward.


#HGVHeroes is not just a way of recognising those within the logistics industry and raising awareness and giving thanks, it is about giving you a voice also.


It also makes our lobbying voice even louder when we can say, “it’s not just the RHA and our members saying this, it’s all of our HGV Heroes, the workforce behind the wheel and the teams that make it all happen ,that tell us that that safe and secure lorry parking and the lack of toilet facilities is totally unacceptable.


So, what have we done so far?


Within days of lockdown, the RHA challenged both the English and Scottish Governments, the Welsh Assembly and Public Health England to provide a letter for drivers to show to anyone who tries to refuse toilet facilities. This they did within hours. The letters confirmed that HGV drivers were designated essential users and, as such, entitled to use facilities.


If you do not have a copy of this letter, then please feel free to download a copy here.

With regards to safe and secure lorry parking, the RHA continually campaigns with government and local councils to provide more parking facilities. And we are making progress - one example being the extension at Corley Park Services which received the security standard park mark in April 2020.


And our lobbying continues to pay off. We now have the backing of The Rt. Hon. Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport and Transport Minister Baroness Vere of Norbiton, who is supporting us to push for improved parking facilities. We hope that we will be able to bring you news of upgraded and new facilities very soon. You can read the full story on this here.


So please log onto the HGVHeroes website and nominate your HGV Hero for the incredible work that is performed by everyone in the logistics industry each and every day to move 98% of goods around the UK.

Your #HGVHeroes.