London ULEZ lessons: “We’ve got to make it easier to move away from fossil fuels” – RHA

London ULEZ lessons: “We’ve got to make it easier to move away from fossil fuels” – RHA

29 Aug 2023 Posted By Joe Scotting

The RHA is urging politicians and policymakers to learn lessons from the London ULEZ on the journey to net zero.

Many Londoners and people driving into the capital have struggled to upgrade to cleaner vehicles to comply with the rules which are based on engine standards.

Prices in the second-hand market have shot up as demand for newer vehicles have increased.

Commercial vehicle operators have had similar challenges complying with the clean air requirements.

Policies like ULEZ did not allow a second-hand market of affordable, compliant vehicles to develop. In turn, as ordinary Londoners have discovered, this hurt small businesses who could not easily afford new vehicles to drive down emissions.

RHA Environment & Vehicles Lead, Chris Ashley says that as we now look to reduce CO2 emissions, new policies are needed to support people and businesses.

“Just like the people of London, our industry wants to improve the environment we live in.

“But we’ve found out the hard way that relying on replacing vehicles quickly causes financial problems for many – especially those with limited means.

“We need to learn these lessons as we continue the journey to net zero. We must think differently – there are other ways to improve air quality including greater investment in clean engines and incentives like fuel duty rebates linked to reducing emissions.

“The rules must be attainable for everyone – we’ve got to make it easier for people and businesses to move away from fossil fuels.”

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