Critical Information Required to Support Industry

Our critical discussions with Ministers about the additional financial support measures this industry so desperately need are progressing. We have so far collected information from hundreds of operators and have been able to give an authoritative view back to government to help them understand where the key issues are and evidence why the existing financial support measures are not enough.

Next week the Chancellor is due to consider a range of potential solutions for our sector, but before that, we need to provide even more in-depth information from you.

Understanding what the impact would be of cash injections to support insurance, tax and vehicle financing is critical. Demonstrating which sectors of the industry need help now and which are likely to need it going forward is also of paramount importance.

Throughout the next few days, we will be attempting to contact all valued members of the industry by email and telephone, to ask a series of questions to help gather the detail government need.

To support this critical information gathering process, we urge you to contact us providing your thoughts by email to

Please remember to include a telephone number, post code and the sector of transport for your business. Any information or views are helpful and will be handled with the strictest of confidence.