Government knee-jerk on clean air zones will drive hauliers out of business

6th March 2018

Many hauliers face the prospect of being driven out of business if the Government forces local authorities to rush through ill-thought-out plans to implement clear air zones across the country.


But Road Haulage Association chief executive, Richard Burnett thinks the Government will be signing a death warrant for many operators who won’t be able to upgrade their fleets in time nor afford enormous charges to deliver goods.


He said: “We’re seeing that local authorities are hell-bent on scapegoating hauliers for their own failures to meet legal obligations. Imposing punitive charges on low-margin operators will send many of them to the wall and will squeeze other businesses who rely on them to stock their shelves.


“By 2020, more than half of UK-registered HGVs will be Euro VI and we’ll have reduced our NOx emissions by 65% since 2014, so they’re picking on the wrong people


Many hauliers simply wouldn’t be able to afford to upgrade to Euro VI trucks so quickly, and there’s the absurd prospect that a haulier delivering in neighbouring towns and cities on the same day will be charged for entering each one.


“Instead of knee-jerk diktats we need a workable approach that supports hauliers to switch from older Euro standards cleaner modern ones. With no retrofit option available we need a workable scrappage scheme, and realistic phasing in and synchronising of clean air zones.




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