London Mayor’s Transport Strategy is anti-haulage and anti-business

6th March 2018

The Road Haulage Association is frustrated that the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy does little to support hauliers delivering the goods the capital relies on.

His plan doesn’t address the need to move freight efficiently despite the RHA offering considered advice to help address the challenges London faces in reducing the congestion that costs the economy billions. Peak time morning traffic is projected to slow to just nine kilometres per hour by 2041.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “There’s a clear drive to force lorries off the streets of London in a bid to reduce traffic and air pollution. But it won’t. We’re seeing more and more vans delivering freight in London as it is - today it’s four vans to every lorry and rising. Over-regulation of HGVs will widen that gap even more, which clearly isn’t going to do much to reduce emissions and congestion.

“The Mayor is reducing motorised mobility across London - his strategy makes freight movements very expensive which will hugely impact hauliers, retailers and London’s communities.

“By 2041 London's population will have grown by nearly two million - needing more than a million new homes. Each new home requires several tonnes of building materials and infrastructure. How does the Mayor propose that’ll happen if lorries can’t move freely and efficiently across the city?”