RHA members have their say after weather disruption

5th March 2018

Last week’s travel disruption made it difficult for commuters and road transport alike. Following on from the Transport Minister’s comments at the weekend, the Road Haulage Association is engaging with members to find out how last week’s severe weather affected them as businesses, not only in terms of the cost of delays but also how they mitigated risk.

The Association wants to ensure that as dialogue continues we can present accurate, first-hand information from our members in order to shape future decision making. Road haulage is a highly regulated industry and we now have the chance to ensure the Government fully understands the nuances that are involved in compliant haulage movements.

Safety must never be compromised but with profit margins commonly below 3% in the industry, paying people for non-productive days can have significant impact on a business, just as it would with any business in any industry.

The majority of UK haulage businesses are family-owned and it is not unusual for the owners themselves to be out delivering.

Balancing costs with meeting customer expectation is the reality that all businesses operate around - our sector is no different.