RHA astonished by ex-Brexit secretary's suggestions

8th November 2018

The Road Haulage Association is astonished by ex-Brexit secretary David Davis’ claim that there won’t be border delays at Dover–Calais even if there’s a no-deal Brexit.

Commenting on today's BBC Radio 4 Today programme Mr Davis said that claims of “food shortages were nonsense". When asked about delays at the French border he added: “The port authority says that’s not going to happen. There have been a lot of scare stories.”

The RHA says that Mr Davis is showing an extraordinary lack of understanding of the issue.  

Commenting, RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: "The French authorities have never suggested a border go-slow and assurances to that effect by both President Macron and local authority leaders in Calais to Theresa May miss the key point. 

"There will be delays at borders as a result of new customs checks – there are neither the staff nor the systems in place to make it a smooth process. 

"Any customs border check will rapidly create very long queues and massive disruption to the supply chain.

"We simply can't see how the customs process will work. Considering our constant dialogue with government on behalf of the UK haulage industry, we're at a total loss to understand these latest comments."


Note to Editors

The RHA continues to call for a transition period of at least 18 months – deal or no-deal – to ensure the continuation of our current frictionless borders and the efficient operation of the UK supply chain.