Road Safety

The UK has one of the best road safety records in the world and the UK Road Haulage Sector exceeds those statistics, but we can do more to prevent the 5000 road traffic accidents that HGV’s are involved in annually. (2016 statistics).

The road network is the workplace of our members and it is therefore imperative that it is as safe a place to work as possible. We will achieve this by working with our members to improve driver skills, knowledge, training and attitudes through policy advice, road safety information guides and campaigns.

We will work with the Department of Transport and road safety organisations by:  

Working Together to Build a Safer Road System - Moving Britain Ahead

All road users in whatever capacity they use the road network be it Motorways, to country lanes have a duty to use the roads in a careful and respectful manner. To acknowledge other road users and their abilities and to be courteous at all times.

In Particular we would expect our members to adopt our code of good practice on the RHA Top Six: